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The Dinner Crowd

Food For Thought

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Fun Friendly Discussions & Activities & Stamping. GLBTQ Safe.

The Dinner Crowd:
This community is primarily meant to be a discussion forum and activity room.
There will be frequent moderator posts to help stimulate discussion in interesting topics,
themes to inspire member posts, as well as some fun activities like a story "go around"
where one member starts a story and other members post continuations.

This community is for people who are looking for more substance in a community
and are fed up with most rating communities and their shallow focus.
This community is meant to be a fairly relaxed forum to discuss any topic,
without excessively complex rules and regulations.
Any topic is fair game, even silly pointless picture posts,
as long as you are willing to state your opinions and stand by them.
We expect you to be able to defend your points with logic and reason,
and to discuss things civilly without every discussion disintegrating
into insult-hurling pointlessness.

This is supposed to be a "dinner party" so be polite and friendly.
Racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, religion bashing,
and any other forms of discrimination are not going to be tolerated.

This is a safe space for people of all religions, sexualities, genders, races, abilities, and sexes.

Once you join, please do an introduction post (with the format posted below)
so that everyone can get to know you and strike up some conversations
with you about your interests and views.
The intro post will also be a place where other members vote you
into one of the four "dinner guest" categories for stamping.
Stamping is just for fun. You aren't required to participate in it.
The community will not reject you unless you behave abhorrently,
and whichever category you get the most votes for you will be stamped as,
though it's just for fun. Don't feel restricted by your dinner guest category,
feel free to post on any topic at any time.

These rules are mostly guidelines, you won't be yelled
at for not following them perfectly, but please try to pay
attention to them to keep the community running smoothly.
If the rule says you might get banned or kicked out for breaking it,
then that applies.

1)Your first post should be an introduction post, using the
copied & pasted format below.
2)Your first post should include 3 photos of yourself,
one of which is 100x100 (like lj userpics).
3)Your first post asks you to promote us.
Please do this at least once. We need promotion
to keep the community alive, and keep a fresh supply
of members coming in.
4)If you state an opinion, be willing to defend it
with logic and your reasons for it.
5)There will be no bashing or flaming or being
a total dick. Be civil. If you disagree, explain why
and lay out your reasoning instead of resorting to
insults and name-calling. If you don't follow this
rule you will be kicked out and banned.
6)When posting a story continuance (or start)
be sure to make a tag or use the tag that goes with
that story line so that the community can remain
organized and it is easy to go back and read the
entirety of the story with all of its pieces and parts
in various entries.
7)Please fill out all the questions on the intro post.
It's boring if you respond with short minimal answers
or don't fill it out completely. And who wants boring?
8)Stay active. Post frequently, comment, and follow up
on your chat threads with people. That's the whole point
of the community! Get to talking! No one wants to
hear crickets because the dinner party is so quiet.
9)Promote us whenever you can to keep the community
alive and active.
10)You don't have to be a whiz at html coding, but lj-cuts
are required for long posts or posts with many images embedded.
If you don't know how to do an lj-cut please click HERE for an explanation.
11)If something you have posted is offensive or visually inappropriate
in public/at work make sure you put it under a cut that warns other
members that it is "NSFW" (not safe for work) and so that they may
choose whether or not they want to look.
12)No pornography or truly explicit content please.
You may discuss any topics, but don't post images or stories that
are graphic.
13)Please put your vote for the stamping Guest Categories
in the subject line of your comment if you choose to vote so that it is
easier for the moderator to tally the votes and stamp. Thanks!
14)You must be over 14 to join.
15)You can promote other communities as long as
it isn't excessive or obnoxious. No pro-eating disorder groups.
No discriminating, bashing, or crude groups.
16)If you are clearly a spambot (journal with no content posting ads only) you'll be banned.

Introduction Post
Now that you've been invited in to the party,
introduce yourself then go mingle.

Copy and paste the following text from the box below
into your post and make sure you don't use the "Rich Text" editor
because it will mess up the html code that is in the intro post.
Be sure to include at least three photos of yourself,
with one that is 100x100 (the same size as lj userpic icons)
to be used on the member page so people can always put a face with your username.

Stamping Dinner Guest Category Descriptions
Comic Relief * Flirt * Raconteur * Taciturn

Current Writing Theme(s):
1)What do you think about blogging being considered a "publication" in a legal sense?
Does it bother you that your blog-writing can be considered libelous, and do you
think there should be a separate legal standard for blogging and online writing
compared to physical publication or publication to newspapers or magazines?
Have you ever witnessed or encountered drama or unforeseen consequences
stemming from things written in blogs?

2)What is your personal pet cause? What issue really interests you
and inspires you? Do you do any activism related to it?

3)Have you ever been asked to choose loyalty to one part
of your identity over another (like race over sexuality etc)?
Have you been able to choose or just felt torn and upset?
What do you think is the reason groups we are part of often
ask us to choose one side or part over another?
Do you have any ideas for solutions to the issue
besides splitting off into further specified factions
like "Asian Lesbians" or "Jewish Queers"?

Current Photo Activities:
Good & Bad Times Photo Survey

Members * Banners * Affiliates
Complaints, Questions & Suggestions

Your Moderator Hostess with the Mostest


Copy the following text as a banner (pictured above) for promoting thedinnercrowd.
Be sure not to use "rich text" editing.